Meet Carmelo Esterrich

May 22, 2016


Carmelo Esterrich is known for his popular Bodypump class. "

Carmelo was born and reared in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He came to the United States to attend college, Penn State and then fell in love and stayed here. Carmelo has been living in Downers Grove since 1987.


Carmelo loves to teach! His first teaching job was Ballroom Dance class at Penn State and he has not stopped teaching since. Carmello has been a professor at Columbia College since 1998 and teaches; Arts of Latin America, film, visual arts and literature. He also has training in Eastern European Folk dance. Carmello started teaching fitness in 2012 after taking some classes from Martine Henry, a well respected fitness instructor from Indian Boundary YMCA.


In 2012 he became curious about group exercise and decided to pursue an AFAA certification. In 2013 he became certified in Bodypump and now teaches at Indian Boundary YMCA a Bodypump class on Saturdays. Members love Carmelo’s class and often stop to comment on his form and execution of Bodypump and saying that he is an excellent instructor.


Other hobbies that Carmelo loves is baking pies, because it is so warm in Puerto Rico there is no tradition of home baking, stamp collecting, gardening and cooking. He loves to organize multi-course dinners for friends and family.


Look for Carmello on a Saturday rotation for our Bodypump class.