With Your Help, We’re Making the Hastings Lake Y Even Better

March 01, 2017


To continue improving our programs and facilities, we sent a survey to a random sampling of members for feedback and suggestions. Today, we’d like to share the results of those surveys with you, as well as a few steps we’re taking to make the Hastings Lake Y even better."

At the Hastings Lake YMCA, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for everyone who walks through our doors. To help us continue improving our programs and facilities, last November we sent a survey to a random sampling of members for feedback and suggestions. We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and appreciate your feedback.

There were a total of three areas where members expressed concerns. First, what stood out as the number one concern is the overall age of the facility and the general maintenance of Hastings Lake. Members raised concerns about the locker rooms ranging from better water drainage to temperature and general upkeep. Second, there were a number of responses in regards to general gym etiquette and members who don't wipe down machines after use. Finally, members communicated they were having a difficult time navigating the Hastings Lake Y website, whether trying to register or looking up current information.

Since this survey was administered, we've made a number of improvements to address your concerns. First, the women’s locker room floor tile has been replaced, along with additional investigations as to why the floors are staining, and we anticipate future work to remove any imperfections. We are thrilled that in the coming months this issue will be corrected! Second, we 've installed larger drains to alleviate the water pooling in the shower area.  Third, we've heard your concerns about members gym etiquette, and we will work with members to educate them on proper gym etiquette and expectations. We ask for your patience, as this process takes time. Lastly, we have retooled and rolled a new website. Your browsing and registering for programs should be a more friendly and fluid experience. We invite all members to check out the improvements here.

Of course, members also conveyed a number of very positive observations. The most frequent compliments we recieved were regarding our staff: interactions at the front desk, the dedication of our lifeguards and swim instructor and how motivating our fitness instructors are. As one member stated, “We're just grateful for this organization and the pool in the community for our family, it is a game changer in fitness for our children and we couldn't be more happy.” On behalf of the staff we will continue to seek out ways to improve service here at the Hastings Lake Y.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of the members who participated in the survey. If you’d like to make further suggestions or provide additional feedback on our programs or facilities at the Hastings Lake YMCA, please contact Kelly Dineen, Executive Director at KDineen@ymcachicago.org or 847.410.5321.