August Member Spotlight

August 01, 2017


Mary Sarenac's Heart Story"

August Member Spotlight

Mary Sarenac’s Heart Story 

August’s member spotlight is Mary Sarenac. Mary has been a member of the Hastings Lake YMCA since 2010. This was a gift of health from Mary’s children. She didn’t realize at the time that Hastings Lake would become a vital part of saving her life. Back before 2014 Mary was working in a stressful job. She always tried to help people as much as she could. Smoking and unhealthy eating did not help the situation and working out was out of the question. 2014 Mary went to the doctor for what she thought at the time was a minor digestive issue but what was found was, high blood pressure, high resting heart rate and swollen ankles and Mary wand up being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Even with this new and devastating diagnosis, Mary was not ready for a change.

Fast forward to 2016, Mary was able to retire to the delight of her doctors and decided to utilize her YMCA membership. She knew she had to do something for her medical condition but didn’t know where to start. Mary quit smoking which as was a good first step. Weight loss and activity were next on her to do list. Mary finally began to work out 5 days a week. Mary confesses that in the beginning it was very difficult. About a month after starting her fitness routine Mary sought out help from Matt Blackowicz, Hastings Lake Staff Personal Trainer. With Matt’s guidance Mary was taught how to effectively burn calories to aid with weight loss. He helped guide and motivate Mary to stay on track. Mary began seeing results in 3 months. “My breathing got a lot easier and I really miss working out if I can’t make in. I feel so much better! The Y is now part of me and you are all like my family.”

Things are much different in Mary’s life today. First and foremost Mary is down 43 pounds, she is off 2 out of 3 medications. There are no blockages that have been detected. And finally the best news of all she was just notified by her cardiologist that is now out of heart failure!

Mary was asked what her goals are for the future. Mary stated that she will continue on her weight loss journey. Travel is now back in her future. Who knows, maybe even dance lessons.

Keep up the good work Mary!