Staff Spotlight: Kelly McSwine

April 30, 2017


Kelly is the Face you see smiling when you walk into Greater LaGrange Y"

Staff Spotlight: Kelly McSwine

Kelly has been with the Y for 16 + years. She has always been with the membership team but has filled in when needed in other areas. You could catch her in the old skate park from time-to-time back in the day. Right now Kelly is the smiling face you see when walking into the Greater La Grange YMCA.

Kelly loves meeting new people and members. She loves seeing the regulars and getting to know people as they become regulars at the Y. “Checking in with members makes them feel good and it makes me feel good too.” She has an excellent memory and knows almost everyone’s name, including our littlest members! She truly wants everyone to feel welcome at the Y. “From 2-92 we do not discriminate” you often hear her say.

5 facts about Kelly

1. Her birthday just passed on April 22 she is a Taurus and people often mistake her for being much younger than she is. (which she doesn’t mind!)

2. She always sticks up for the underdog and plays an advocate role for others.

3. She is a Great Great Aunt

4. She makes a mean Spaghetti. And also loves making breakfast food.

5. She loves Animals and often tells stories of her pets.


We are lucky to have such a friendly and caring staff member here at the Y. Make sure you say hi next tim you see Kelly at the desk, if she doesn’t say hi first!