Staff Spotlight: Janny Arenas

April 01, 2017


Janny is our Wellness Consultant and one of our best Group Fitness Instructors "

Staff Spotlight: Janny Arenas

Wellness Consultant and Group Fitness Instructor

Janny joined the Greater Lagrange Y as a member nearly 4 years ago. She and her husband were drawn to the Y’s family friendly environment. Prior to becoming a member at the Y she was a member at a large commercial gym but felt that it was taking time away from her family. Janny and her husband thought it would be hard to go from a large commercial gym to our smaller facility but soon realized that size didn’t matter. They had everything they needed to get a great workout in and their family could come as well.

She chose the Y because she felt it truly included all members of her family including her three kids ages 18, 15, and 9. She says “Family is everything and it’s important to be together when you can.”

Her passion has always been fitness and has mostly been a personal passion until she was hired at the Y as a Wellness Consultant and Group Fitness Instructor. “I was excited to share my passion as a professional.” Janny said when describing how she felt when she first started.

As the Wellness Consultant Janny meets with members one on one to establish their goals and how the Y can help. She builds relationships with nearly everyone she meets and is a great source of support. She sets up plans for members that are achievable. The plans include steps towards a healthier lifestyle such as simple changes in eating habits, physical fitness and accountability. Janny is so passionate about helping people succeed and feel accomplished. “I love meeting people and talking to people and learning about their journey, I just want to help however I can.”

Janny teaches a variety of group fitness classes here at they Y and each one is very popular in its own way. She is certified in Group Fitness and Strength and Conditioning. She teaches boot camp, core strength, full body conditioning and fit fusion for general populations. Janny is also certified as an Active Older Adult Instructor and teaches Silver Sneaker classics a class designed to keep seniors active.

Very quickly Janny went from a member to a favorite instructor and trusted Wellness Consultant.

She is in a way a well-kept secret here at Greater LaGrange Y… Well the secret is out! We love Janny and know that you will too!


Check out the group fitness schedule here to take one of her classes.

Call 708.352.7600 to schedule a FREE Wellness Consultation with Janny if you are a member.