Member Spotlight Anna Yuan

October 04, 2017


Anna has been a Y member for 45 years!"

Member Spotlight: Anna Yuan

Anna is one of our sweetest members. She comes in smiling every day, usually afternoons and greats everyone by name. Anna has been a YMCA member for 45 years! She enjoys being active and the Y fits all her needs. She uses all the machines for variety she usually gets a cardio workout in on the treadmill or the bike and does strength training on the machines followed by some stretching. She has taken many classes with the Y over the years including, volleyball, swimming and yoga. Her favorite class to take right now is Wednesday night yoga with meditation.

Anna says “It’s so friendly here, more people should take advantage of how great the Y is, it has everything I need to stay heathy and active and it’s never too crowded!”

Anna is full of energy and you can’t help but attribute her contagious spirit to her active lifestyle. Anna we are so happy to have you as a part of our Y family. Next time you see Anna make sure say hello!