November Super Staff: Donatella Badino!

October 31, 2017


Thank you, Donatella, for all that you do for the Foglia YMCA!"

November’s Super Staff is none other than the famous, Ms. Donatella Badino! Donatella has worked in our School Age Child Care for over 12 years, and she is still as passionate about her job today as she was when she first started. “Donatella is so reliable. She helps in multiple departments and she is always willing to help when needed. She is dedicated to the Y’s Mission and cares so much about the children that are in her care. I see this in the relationships she has formed with not only the kids but their families,” raves her Director, Mimi McGlauchlin. Although Donatella primarily works in School Age Child Care, she also works in the Y Hangout room, especially designed for our 9-14 year olds.  She often assists with our special Teen Nights.

Donatella is passionate about her work at the Y; she truly loves children. “I just love the no-filter honesty. Their expressions, the things they say; it’s just so genuine,” she says. During her years at the Y, she has seen kids come and go. Her favorite memory is those of the first kids she had when she started, they were in second grade, they are now sophomores in college, and recently came back to pay her a visit. She was so happy to see them; they even made sure to get a selfie with her before they left. Those special experiences make her day.

Born in Genoa Italy, Donatella moved to Chicago when she was 4 years old. As an adult, she settled down and raised a family. Her three grown children Demitra, Dorina and Vincent are truly the loves of her life.  She is fiercely protective and supportive of her kids, and keeps a watchful, loving eye on them. She enjoys spending her free time with them.  They love to travel to Florida to visit her parents and they still travel together to Tennessee making sure to hike the Smoky Mountains while they are there. Two of her children are also on our team here at the Foglia YMCA! “I definitely encouraged my kids to work here. You get to do what you enjoy and work with kids. As family oriented as we are, so is the Y,” boasts Donatella.

Before she started at the Y she studied Cosmetology and worked as a hair stylist for 23 years. Donatella battled Breast Cancer and is now a 7-year survivor.  With her resilience and determination, we can see why! Thank you Donatella for your passion and love for the kids and our YMCA!