Member Spotlight: Alan Gilbert

March 27, 2017


Read about how Alan stays healthy and engaged at the Elmhurst Y!"

Alan Gilbert is one of our morning members! Alan first came to the Y to bring his children for swim lessons, but didn't become a member himself until he retired a few years ago. At that time, Alan's doctor told him he needed to do something to help him stay healthy and keep moving. He became a member and started swimming in our pool.

Alan had several knee surgeries on each leg and has a rod from hip to ankle on one of them. This particular leg has no knee and therefore does not bend, which causes less movement. He can walk, but with difficulty and uses a cane. His doctor said it was very important to continue going to the Y to keep moving!

Alan continues to swim 5 times a week, 1/2 mile a day! When he has his check-up with his doctor now, the doctor always asks if he is still swimming. Alan responds with, "Absolutely!" His doctor told Alan he can tell because his numbers for blood tests, cholesterol, etc. are good considering his limitations.

In addition to improved health, Alan enjoys the Y for the social aspects: friendships he's built over the years and being able to talk to people in the early morning. He feels welcome at the Y because, from members to staff, everyone knows his name!

"I really enjoy the Y because of the people, cleanliness, the water's always wet (he says with a smile), and it gets the day going at 4:45 a.m. I definitely recommend the Y to my friends and family all the time!" —Alan Gilbert