Deep Water Cadence Running

June 28, 2017


Have you tried our newest water fitness class?"

Deep Water Cadence Running is a deep-water running class that uses evidence-based, cadence-specific workout to achieve peak athletic performance.  Whether you're training for a run, recovering from an injuryor prone to injuries, deep-water running is an impact-free way to engage your entire body while building up your endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.  Teresa Triche, a two-time Olympic qualifier, is known for her Deep Water Cadence Runnying program, which  has helped countless runners, soccer players, NBA players, Navy officers and Woulded Warriors veterans recover from injuries and get in the best shape of their lives.  There are no pre-qualifications to participate (other than being able to swim comfortably in deep water) and flotation belts are provided by the Y.

If this is your first time participating, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early to go over class logistics.  Do not eat heavy 2 hours before the class start time and bring a water bottle.  Contact Marie Straube, Aquatics Director, for more information or call the fornt desk at 630.834.9200.

Stop by the front desk to register today!!