Develop a child's cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth through experience for youth up to 6 years old.


Licensed Preschool

Our September-May preschool programs are for children ages 2 ½ -6. Our teachers are certified Early Childhood Education (ECE) educators who have their bachelor’s degrees and/or early childhood endorsements.

We use the Scholastic's Early Childhood Curriculum and follow weekly themes that incorporate four main subject areas each week: Reading Readiness (phonemic approach), math concepts, hands-on science and the social sciences are presented in a way that develops children's vocabulary and opens their minds to new concepts. Teachers use creative play to enhance learning and social skills. Once each week our music teacher presents a music program that includes guitar, sing-along songs, sign language and seasonal sing-a-longs.

Priority for licensed preschool programs go to Buehler YMCA current preschool families first, members second and non-members third. Each preschool class has its own calendar, which generally follows Buehler's session schedule. Preference for openings is given to current participants and their siblings based on class availability.

Children do not have to be potty trained to be in our program, but if they are not, a parent/guardian must remain in the building. Our teachers are not allowed to change diapers/pull-ups.

Preschool Levels and Fees

The following children's class levels and pricing are for the 2013/2014 school year. A limited number of scholarships may be available. For more information on classroom availability, contact LuAnn Wachsmuth at 847.410.5219.

Level I: The children in Level I are age 2 1/2-3 before Sep 1, 2013. Birth date must be between Sep 1, 2010 and March 1, 2011.

Level II: The children in Level II are age 3-4 before Sep 1, 2013. Birth date must be between Sep 1, 2009 and Aug 31, 2010.

Pre-K: The children in Pre-K are age 4-5 before Sep 1, 2013. Birth date must be between Sep 1, 2008 and Aug 31, 2009.

Level Day Time M/NM*
I M/W 9:15-11am $98/$137
I Tu/Th 9:15-11am $98/$137
II Tu/Th 9:15am-11 am(Tu) 9:15-11:45 am (Th) $98/$137
II M/W/F M 9:15am-11pm; W/Fri 9:15am-11:45 am $152/$212
Pre-K M/W/F M/F 9-11:45am; W 9-11am $152/$212
Pre-K M-F M/T/W/F 9-11:45am; Th 9-11am $250/$345

*Fee is monthly. Swimming may be added for students in all our preschool levels. Swimming lessons are once a week for 45 minutes on the day that class ends early. The child must be 3 and fully potty trained. Teachers will transfer children from preschool to the pool.  Gymnastic program may also be available.

If you would like to tour our preschool and learn about program openings please call LuAnn Wachsmuth at 847.410.5219.

Lunch Bunch & Enrichment Classes

Lunch Bunch is held daily from after preschool until 12:45 for a fee of $3.00 a day.  Enrichment classes are also held daily from 12:45 to 2:00 pm.  Teachers will supervise lunch bunch and transfer children to enrichment classes.  Check our seasonal brochure for enrichment class offerings.

Full Day Preschool

We now offer a full day year round preschool program 7 am – 6 pm daily M-F.  We offer our same preschool curriculum as our half-day program.  Included in the weekly fee is breakfast, lunch, snacks and a once a week 45 minute swim lesson.  Child must be 3 years of age and potty trained to be in our full-day preschool program.  For information and pricing call LuAnn Wachsmuth at 847-410-5219.

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