Maintain or improve your health through cardio, strength and flexibility programs with guidance from Y staff.

Current Offerings


We Offer…


Make each visit to the Y fun, interactive and challenging with our web-based training and nutrition program.

Special Events & Clubs

Take part in races, clinics, events and clubs, all with a focus on health and wellness.

Active Older Adults

Maintain health and functional ability with programs designed especially for the needs of older adults.

Fitness Classes

Participate in a wide variety of free cardio, strength and flexibility classes included in a Y membership.

Personal Training

Achieve your fitness goals through training sessions and coaching from a certified personal trainer.

Healthy Lifestyles & Nutrition

Maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, stress reduction and physical activity.

Fitness Consultation

Meet with a Fitness Consultant to identify your personal fitness needs, then set goals and a plan to achieve them.